The New Era of Realtime Digital Business

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How realtime analytics is disrupting business by driving innovation


Realtime analytics. What do we really mean when we say that? It’s surprisingly difficult to answer that question, as it depends in part on the context of the business needs behind who’s asking the question. Having worked with a number of companies who are wrestling with how to employ data not to just address current pain points, but to quickly identify and execute on new opportunities, here are some commonalities I’m seeing and hearing:

  1. New apps, services, and technologies are not just generating additional data points, but are actually consolidating that data while simultaneously presenting new capabilities. The upshot? New ways to engage target audience and gain invaluable insights.
  2. Actionable insights based on this new data. Non-traditional data sources are being integrated into the actual processes that run businesses today, leading to something I refer to as “business moments”. Note the implication, here: these are fleeting moments that may only be acted on if you have both the capability and expertise to execute on opportunities–in realtime. These moments may not last more than, well, a moment.
  3. All of which leads to new innovations in how businesses conduct their day-to-day implementations and how that fits into their longer-term strategies to execute. This basically is the result of composing digital services that go beyond their own capabilities, but often tapping into entirely new ecosystems (partners, open source, etc.)

What’s exciting about this is that it naturally leads to the rapid iteration of apps and capabilities for businesses as market dynamics shift. For instance, we see this on the IBM Cloud platform, Bluemix. Companies are constantly recomposing their apps, adding in new data sources, and shifting models based on how and where the market is moving. And that’s all and good. But take it up an order of magnitude–now start imagining systems shifting and changing dynamically. The only way you can do this is if you have realtime capabilities–data gathering, processing, and analytics–which gives you the ability to do realtime insight and opportunity identification.

Moving Forward…

So, with that said, where is all of this leading? What technologies do we see playing key roles in making this transformation possible? While we’re actively exploring these questions within IBM Emerging Technologies, I’ll be giving a preview of some of our insights at the Strata + Hadoop World conference in Singapore in early December. Check back later, and I’ll have a synopsis of our thinking, and a glimpse into one possible future, as we stay one step ahead of businesses and markets in embracing the reality–and opportunities–of digital business.

Attending Strata Hadoop World in Singapore? Check out at our Booth (#144)

On the show floor, IBM will be promoting our offerings around the theme of “code like a startup, run in the Enterprise.” We will focus on the speed and agility of our Bluemix offering, our BigInsights cloud offering and our newly launched Spark as a Service. Visitors will be able to see and speak to experts on anything related to our Bluemix, Cloud Data Services, Hadoop as a Service, and Spark as a Service. We have number of demonstrations planned that will walk folks through detailed use case of the technology and see how they can take advantage of cloud architecture to accelerate the building and deployment of their next generation applications.

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