Internet of Things at the Vacation Resort

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swimming pool loungingA waterproof wearable widget replaces your room key and creditcard while providing you with a continually customized stay from your beach towel. The real-time data analytics allows the resort staff to know how you like your martini and what time you prefer to dine. Moreover, combining your profile preferences with other databases such as weather information, local events and social customs, the staff can more readily anticipate your every need. Whether you have a product question in the resort giftshop or you are ready for dessert, just press that attention button and assistance is on its way.  Allowing you to track yStorm is comingour children at the pool or your spouse at the spa, the widget can help keep your family active.

IBM jStart together with Jabil Circuit Inc. has provided the device using paring sensors with IBM Bluemix Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics Services including Spark Steaming and Predictive Analytics. The project objective was to demonstrate to a Jabil Hotel Resort customer the art of the possible with data collected from Jabil engineered IoT devices and IBM Powered IoT/Analytics technology.  A secondary objective was confirming that enabling IoT/Analytic services was a logical and needed extension of Jabil’s product management of manufacturing of sensors.

jabil logoJabil designs and builds across the entire digital universe, from device to data center to the cloud. It produced 300,000 customized smart phones a day for one customer and manufactured 15 million wearable and lifestyle devices for another. Jabil enables a team of innovators in virtually every industry to deliver the future of connected devices.   That future includes not only the manufacturing of connected devices but also enabling advanced analytics for real-time insights gleaned from the data they produce.

jabil floorplanThe Resort Demonstration entailed outfitting a floor of one of Jabil’s St. Petersburg locations with iBeacon technology redbear deviceand building a small hand held device out of off-the-shelf boards/sensors to simulate a wearable device to capture location and temperature/humidity environmental data.   The floor selected at Jabil mapped very closely to the lobby level of the Jabil’s Hotel Resort targeted customer.

The combination of using iBeacons and a few capture devices along with Bluemix IoT Foundation and Analytics services allowed Jabil to create a real-time dashboard to demonstrate the ability to track locations and calculate real-time dwell time of individuals as they walked around the representative lobby level of the resort.

UI floorplan

The design consists of IBM Bluemix IoT Foundation service to capture the beacon and temperature/humidity data.   A Node-Red application orchestrated a series of events:

  1. Storing of the data to a Cloudant Service for retrospective analysis
  2. Sending of the data to the Predictive Modeling services to be scored resulting in the identification of the zone location of the individual
  3. Published the zone identified temperature/humidity data to a Softlayer hosted Kafka service

architectureOnce the location has been resolved, the data was published to the Kafka topic. This topic was subscribed to by 1)a Jabil on-premise application that stores the data to a Hadoop File System (HDFS). 2) a Softlayer hosted Spark Streaming service to process the data calculating both individual average zone dwell time, as well as, aggregated zone average dwell times then published the results to another Kafka topic.   This location/dwell average data topic was subscribed to by a real-time dashboard web socket application to demonstrate the real-time tracking and analytics of the POC.

The Real-Time Tracking Dashboard showed the real-time location of the resort guest in the simulated hotel resort lobby. It also showed the real-time calculated individual dwell time, as well as, the temperature and humidity where the individual was located.

The dashboard was presented to various Jabil IoT business executives with positive feedback. They were amazed with the infrastructure provisioned, services leveraged and application developed in only 6 weeks with very limited resources. This is a great testimony to the ease of use and rapid deployment of Bluemix Services along with open source Spark/Kafka Technologies. Now Jabil is ready to show the demonstration to their targeted customers.

See the detailed architecture and lessons learned in the follow-on blog Kafka and Spark Streaming for IoT at the Vacation Resort.

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